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File IO



The file builtin takes either an operation type, filename and perhaps a string depending on the operation. Then reads or writes the file.

Operation Type Purpose
READ Reads a file, returning it as a string
WRITE Writes to a file, overwriting if it already exists
APPEND Appends string to a file

The syntax is as follows:

; Read a file
file READ "testfile.txt"

; Write to a file (overwrite if already exists)
file WRITE "testfile.txt" "file content"

; Append to a file
file APPEND "testfile.txt" "this is appended to the file"

Helper functions



file_read is an easier way to read a file, it simply takes a string containing the filename.

file_read "filename.file"



file_write, like file_read makes it easier to write files. It takes a string containing the filename and the file content.

file_write "filename.file" "this is the content"



file_append is similar to file write, but appends to files as opposed to overwriting them.

file_append "filename.file" "this will be appended"