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Connery is a experimental lisp-like interpreted programming language that is somewhat themed after veteran actor Sean Connery.

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Connery has several of the features you have come to expect from a programming language

You can assign variables

(def {james_bonds_car} "Aston Martin DB5")
(print james_bonds_car)
Aston Martin DB5

You can create functions and conditional statements

(fun {toggle_caterpillar_drive caterpillar_drive_status} {
      if (caterpillar_drive_status)

You can complete mathematical operations using Polish notation

(- 90 1)

Connery supports dynamic typing…

(def {this_is_a_string} "Bond. James Bond.")
(def {this_is_a_number} 007)

type validation…

(print (type_string this_is_a_string))

string manipulation…

(def {connery_quote} "There is nothing like a challenge to bring out the best in man.")
(split connery_quote (find connery_quote " to"))
{"There is nothing like a challenge" " to bring out the best in man."}

and so much more!

(def {highlanders} (list "Connor MacLeod" "Ramírez" "Rachel Ellenstein" "Methos"))
(def {highlanders} (join highlanders (list "General Katana")))
(fun {there_can_only_be_one highlander} {!= -1 (caseless_find highlander "MACLEOD")})
(fun {pick_highlander_to_mentor list} {eval (filter there_can_only_be_one list)})
(pick_highlander_to_mentor highlanders)
"Connor MacLeod"

How is this Sean Connery themed?

When you make a mistake, Connery lets you know with a signature scottish lisp!

shtirred: filter requiresh a function and a lisht ash input!