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Connery has native HTTP support via the http builtin. This can be used to make requests via http or https.

http URL 
Variable Purpose
URL A string containing the URL you wish to request
HEADERS A list of any request headers you would like to use to make the request in “KEY:VALUE” format.
BODY A string used as a body for post requests. (not required for GET)

http returns a dictionary containing many items that describe the request and provides the context.

connery> http ""
response code : 301
headers : Dictionary
body : "<HTML><HEAD><meta http-equiv="content-type" ...
size : Dictionary
speed : Dictionary
time : Dictionary
url : ""

As you can see size, speed and time are themselves dictionaries. They contain metrics about the request.

connery> grab (http_get "") "time"
total : 0.103757
start : 0.103726
dns : 0.00437
connect : 0.018038
redirect : 0
ssl : 0
prestart : 0.018189